Our Beginnings

On the 23 May 2002, Kris & Becky Baines began a home bible study in Riccarton Christchurch. As the fellowship grew in numbers, Kris completed the necessary requirements to “opt in” to affiliation with the Calvary Chapel churches movement (prior to moving to Christchurch, Kris had served as youth pastor/worship leader at Calvary Chapel Auckland).

In 2004, Jason and Claret Winslade moved to Christchurch as new Christians, and became part of the fellowship. During that time Jason & Claret were discipled within the fellowship, and on 24 May 2009, Jason Winslade was ordained as a Calvary Chapel Pastor and took more of a lead role in the pastoral/teaching oversight of CCC.

Kris still remained in leadership as a pastor-elder at the church, but focused much of his time in leadership development of the men in the church, and also in cross-denominational ministry to men through conferences, and teaching opportunities at other churches.

Over the following years, Kris and Jason continued to work alongside one another, and became more convicted to move to age-integrated services, allowing both young and old to worship and study God’s Word together, a focus on discipling fathers to be the leaders of their homes, an elder-led leadership structure not so dependent upon one man, and a commitment to the restoration of Biblical manhood, womanhood, and family life.

This led to Kris and Jason making the decision to “opt out” of a formal affiliation with Calvary Chapel, while cultivating relationships with other like-minded brothers in Christ in ministry.

We acknowledge the other Christian ministries who have sowed the Gospel throughout Christchurch for many years and who continue to do so today.  At the same time, we acknowledge our distinct approach to ministry and mission, knowing that God has purposed for there to be unity through diversity within the body of Christ.

We currently gather together each Sunday from 10:30am at the Junior Hall, Middleton Grange School, Acacia Ave entrance, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, for worship followed by fellowship over a cuppa.

We welcome anyone who is interested in exploring Christianity, growing in their relationship with Christ, or who would like to join us in this mission.

Contact Info

Redemption Church Christchurch

PO Box 65,

Darfield 7541 

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