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Who We Are

Our Mission

To bring glory to God by equipping and encouraging believers to live in obedience to His Word, as we bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Christchurch and beyond

As we look to Scripture, we discover that God’s chief end in all
that He does is ultimately His own glory.

For us as Christians, God was glorified in the past when He saved us, known as ‘justification’. God will also be glorified in the future when we are perfected with Him in heaven,
known as ‘glorification’.

But what is sometimes misunderstood, is the fact that God has also purposed to be glorified in the present, which is realised as we are increasingly transformed into the image of Christ, known as ‘sanctification’.

In saying this, it’s important for us as believers to understand that we can’t change ourselves any more than we could save ourselves.

With this in mind, our mission must become the pursuit of God-given holiness – becoming less and less like the world, while becoming more and more like Jesus – by walking in the very means that God has provided to accomplish this: Scripture, prayer, fellowship with other believers, submission to God’s providence, along with obedience to God’s Word.

Some may get the impression that this mission is fairly inward focused, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Once we grasp that God is most glorified, when the people of God, live according to the Word of God, being empowered by the grace of God – then evangelism just makes sense.

Because evangelism leads to conversion. Conversion leads to personal holiness. And through personal holiness, God is glorified.

What we do as a church is centred on this very mission.


About Us

Redemption Church Christchurch is an independent,
non-denominational fellowship of believers which is locally governed by the Holy Spirit through the two main offices of local church leadership which God prescribes in
His Word: elders and deacons.

About us

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About us

Our Connections & Affiliations


We have good fellowship with other Reformed Baptist churches who are part of the Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches of New Zealand, and enjoy partnering together in outreach, church family camps, youth camps, and ministry training.

We are part of the network of Christian Community Churches of New Zealand (CCCNZ), who support the movement of independent local churches throughout New Zealand.

We are part of the network of Church and Family Life, which offers helpful encouragement regarding the interdependence between the church and the family.

We are also part of the 9 Marks network, who offer tremendous resources to help build healthy churches.