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We gather together every Sunday morning from 10:30am at the Junior Hall, Middleton Grange School, Acacia Ave entrance, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, to worship God through song, prayer, reading Scripture, teaching/preaching of God’s Word, communion, giving, and fellowship, with all ages included.

The following information will hopefully help give you a better idea of what to expect when joining us for the first time:



Our times of worship in song include a mixture of contemporary songs, oldie but goodies, and hymns.

We desire that our worship in song be inspirational, vibrant, and God-centred, as we worship God in Spirit and in truth.

When we come together, we are called to worship God, and our response needs to be in obedience, not out of convenience – God invites us to worship & respond to Him in song.



Prayer is an important part of our Sunday gatherings. We begin with prayer, we end with prayer, and in between we pray for both specific & general needs of our church family, along with our mission efforts in taking the Gospel to those around us.



God has chosen to nourish & feed the souls of His people by using imperfect men to proclaim & teach His perfect Word. We believe that God’s Word is sufficient and profitable for every area of Christian living, so we place a priority on the study and application of God’s Word.

We primarily take an expositional approach to preaching & teaching the Bible on Sunday mornings, as we study God’s Word verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, and book-by-book.

We believe that the systematic study of God’s Word is the primary way to effectively equip and build up the body of Christ, so we take in applying specific rules of interpretation which best help us to arrive at the author’s original intended meaning.

There are times when we teach topically to address specific spiritual needs in our fellowship, but expository teaching in the norm.



We incorporate Communion into our Sunday gatherings because 1.) It is a means of worship of which Christ Himself has ordained. 2.) It provides an opportunity to confess & repent of our sins, while renewing our dependence upon Christ as our Lord & Saviour. 3.) It provides an opportunity for the Gospel to be preached. 4.) It helps us to regularly keep focused on eternity.



We do not include a formal collection as a part of our Sunday gatherings, but there is an offerings box which is available for those who would like to worship God in this way.

Although people may give at different times & frequencies throughout the week, we acknowledge the offerings given as part of our time of prayer.

Giving financially is an offering of worship to God, and we want to acknowledge it as such as we gather together.

For more information about giving financially, please click here.



Fellowship is something that’s deeper than mere friendship – but it’s about coming on Sundays with an expectation for opportunities to both give and receive encouragement on a deeper level as we continue to develop transparent relationships with one another.

Following our time of worship, people stay to fellowship which is facilitated by cuppa and morning tea.

We frequently have a shared meal together after our time of worship. If you are visiting on one of these Sundays, you are welcome to join us for lunch as there’s always enough to go around.



Our times of worship together on Sundays are family-integrated, where whole families, singles, and all ages gather together. We have optional kid’s sheets available which have fill-in-the-blank points and a colouring picture which relate to the Sunday teaching (example kid’s sheet). We are very comfortable with small baby noises in our family-integrated gatherings, but if you need to take your baby out at any stage, there is space for you to do this.

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