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1 Samuel 22:1-23

As we come to chapter 22 of 1 Samuel, we find David and a crisis point. David is being tested in regard to the call of God upon his life, and learning the hard way how to trust God in every circumstance. David made some big mistakes, and this chapter highlights the reality of discouragement, despair and desperation that everyone who follows God will experience at certain points. Life is messy at times, ministry is messy at times, and things don’t always go as expected. Above all, what we learn by David’s example in this chapter is that the best way for us to navigate trials and tests, is to cling to God, and depend upon Him in all things. When we do, our situation can change for the better, as it does with David. However, it is sobering to consider that no compromise is without a cost, and our greatest desire should be to make God our first resource, not our last resort.

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