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1 Samuel 23:1-29

We are now returning to our study through the book of 1 Samuel this coming Sunday, starting back with chapter 23. Without a doubt, David is on God’s mission - despite his shortcomings & failings, God has anointed him, directing him, and using him. It’s a reminder to us that as believers in Christ, God has a mission for each one of our lives too. And as we are seeking to be used by God for His mission, in our spheres of day-to-day lives, there are things that we can glean from David’s experience in chapter 23 that will be helpful for us to consider: 1.) God desires to use us whether we feel weak or strong (v1-6). 2.) Giving our lives for the sake of others may not always reap the earthly appreciation we may hope for (v7-12). 3.) God divinely protects those who pursue His mission (v13-18). Opposition can come against you from all corners, even from those who you least expect (v19-23). 5.) Regardless of what predicament you find ourselves in, God is still sovereign over your circumstances (v24-29).

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