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1 Samuel 24:1-22

Next Sunday, we will be coming to chapter 24 in our study through the book of 1Samuel. The chapter begins with Saul initiating another man-hunt to find David and his men, but what eventuates is that David has the opportunity to get revenge by taking Saul’s life. However, instead of “settling the score”, David comes face to face with Saul, pleading his case, and Saul shows a degree of remorse for his actions. In this study, we will be considering how to deal with that strong feeling that we all experience from time to time when we are wronged by others - whether we call it “revenge”, “standing up for our rights” or “settling the score”, this desire to “get back” at someone who has wronged us is sinful, so it’s important that we think Biblically in preparation for when this feeling arises. We will also be looking at the basis for honoring those in positions of authority who act dishonorably; the blessing of walking uprightly before God, along with characteristics of worldly sorrow over sin.

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