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1 Samuel 27:1-31:13

We come to our final study of the book of 1 Samuel where we see that both David and Saul fail, but there’s a difference - David renews his faith in God which leads to victory over the enemy, whereas Saul continues down a track apart from God which eventually leads to his death by the enemy. The way to read these chapters is to first look at the account of David in chapters 27, 28:1-2, 29 & 30. Then go back and look at the account of Saul in chapters 28:3-25; 31. In David’s life, we see that God gives much grace and He will even go out of His way orchestrate circumstances which will lead David to a renewed strength in God. But as for Saul, we see that God resists him and that Saul’s fate is sealed with the judgment of God. In these closing chapters, we see that God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble, and that our attitude towards God will reap real consequences.

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