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As we come to chapter 13 in our study of the Gospel of Mark, we come to a point in the passion
week of Jesus, in which He spends the entire chapter explaining events which would take place at a
future time. The disciples of Jesus, along with most other Jews, were very familiar with what the Old
Testament Scriptures said about God’s plans for the future. They knew that God would send the Messiah,
who would save His people, and who would establish a literal kingdom from which He would reign,
all in fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy. They were also familiar with what the Old Testament referred
to as “The Day of the Lord” - a time when God would judge the nations. It’s on the basis of their
familiarity, that Jesus launches into His teaching in Mark 13. However, among Christians today, there
often isn’t the same prophetic understanding. It’s with this in mind, beginning this coming Sunday, we
will be starting a topical teaching series called, “Things To Come”, in which we will be studying what the
Bible teaches about future events. In doing so, the aim is to better prepare us for studying Mark 13.

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