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Mark 12:28-34

It has been an incredibly busy day, on the final Wednesday before Jesus’ crucifixion.
As He has sat there in the temple, there have already been three attempts to undermine Jesus
by the various Jewish religious leaders. The first attempt involved the chief priests, scribes and
elders who sought to undermine the credentials and the authority of Jesus (11:27-33). The second
attempt was by the Pharisees who sought to get Jesus in trouble politically (12:13-17). And
then the third attempt was by the Sadducees who sought to embarrass Jesus intellectually
(12:18-27). But as we’ve seen, Jesus outsmarts every group that has opposed with the truth of
God’s Word, and by exposing the truth of their heart condition. In this week’s passage, Jesus is
confronted by a scribe, who challenges Jesus with a question about which is the greatest commandment.
The answer from Jesus is profoundly simple, yet simply profound.

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