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Mark 12:18-27

It has been a day of opposition on the Wednesday leading up to Jesus’ arrest and
crucifixion. The Sanhedrin is working overtime to try and find an accusation against Jesus
that will stick, but up until this point, they have been unsuccessful. Firstly, they sent the
chief priests, scribes and elders to try and trap Jesus theologically. When that didn’t work,
they sent some Pharisees and Herodians, to try and trap Jesus politically. But when that
didn’t work, we get to this week’s passage, where the Sadducees decide to now approach
Jesus with question. This time, the question relates to the resurrection, a belief which the
Sadducees were strongly against. As it turns out, the answer that Jesus provides actually
gives us some insight as to what heaven will be like in relation to marriage.

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