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Romans 6:1-23

As Christians, we need to be aware of what sin is and how we can overcome sin. Often
due to sin’s deceptive nature, we forget how serious a problem sin is. Sin deceives us into thinking
that sin is harmless and that we are not hurting anyone. As we see in Genesis 4, sin is never
harmless, it is looking to devour/control us. Nor should we judge sin by whether it hurts our
neighbour, but view every sin an act of lawlessness against God. The Christian should never
feel that they are powerless to resist sin. The Holy Spirit is at work sanctifying us, but we have a
role to play. It begins with understanding who we are. In Romans 6 Paul wants us to understand
that we have died and risen with Christ. Christ died to conquer sin and death. Consequently we
are no longer slaves to sin. We are free not to sin, though the possibility of sinning is ever present.
Since we are now alive to God, we overcome sin as we offer ourselves to God.

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