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Mark 10:17-31

In this week’s passage, we come to a scene, in which a rich young ruler comes to Jesus,
asking what was required for him to do in order to inherit eternal life. Jesus points the man to the
law of God, the standard that a person must achieve perfectly, in order for them to attain eternal life
on their own. In not correctly seeing his true state in light of God’s law, the man mistakenly thinks
that by his own efforts, he has achieved God’s standard of perfection. In an effort to try and uncover
the man’s true state, Jesus (being all-knowing), pinpoints the very thing which would reveal the
truth about his heart. Although Jesus did not require for everyone to sell all of their possessions,
He knew that this man’s love of possessions was the specific thing that was preventing him from
following Him. The man in this story provides us with an accurate picture of ourselves, if it hadn’t
been for the grace of God, working through the Spirit of God, granting us a repentant-faith.

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