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2 Thessalonians 3:14-15

Eight Sundays ago, we began a 10-part teaching series through the Core Values of Redemption Church.  As we consider this 9th Core Value, it is interesting to note, that the words “disciple” and “discipline” come from the same root word. In order to be a disciple of Jesus, there must be a willingness to have our thinking corrected, to become more in line with the Word of God. This ordinarily happens as we read the Bible, and as we listen to the Bible being taught. However, there will sometimes be instances when a person is not receptive to this passive form of correction, and the result is that their lives, along with the witness of the church is adversely affected. When these situations arise, Scripture gives clear details for how other believers in the church are to respond. Out of love and care for the person, other believers are to encourage them to correct their thinking with God’s Word, while following the biblical process if the person is resistant to the truth. Through the practice of biblical church discipline, believers are restored, the church is strengthened, and the Lord is glorified.


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