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Ephesians 4:29-32

Seven Sundays ago, we began a 10-part teaching series through the Core Values of Redemption Church.  As we consider this 8th Core Value, we realise that it is unrealistic to think that there will never be any issues for people to work through within the church. In fact, many commands in Scripture would not make sense, unless there was an expectation that conflict would sometimes arise (e.g. forgive one another; bear with one another). While Christians are notorious for falling out with one another, we are committed to pursuing biblical, loving communication in times of conflict and disagreement. When a person is considering to leave a church, it is important that this is for the right reasons, and done in the right way, in order to minimise division and maximise unity. There is an expectation that loving, biblical communication with the church elders will be taking place before, during, and after a decision is made to leave a church. The rest of the fellowship also has a responsibility to respond correctly in these times also.


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