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Colossians 3:16

Six Sundays ago, we began a 10-part teaching series through the Core Values of Redemption Church.  Last Sunday, we looked at the importance of embracing role distinctions between men and woman, and how this relates to leadership within the home and within the church.  Whereas this coming Sunday, we come to our 7th Core Value, which is, “Following God’s Blueprint For Discipleship Within The Church & Home”.  As with every area of Christian life, Scripture is sufficient in the instruction it gives us concerning discipleship.  In this study, we will be examining what Scripture teaches about the responsibilities of discipleship within the home, and also responsibilities within the church.  And what we will see, is that the church does not replace the home, and the home does not replace the church.  Instead, both families and the greater church body are to work together in the discipleship of one another, along with the next generation.

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