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Mark 10:1-12

Jesus has just finished teaching His disciples a series of important lessons in chapter 9 about faith, humility, and dealing seriously with sin.  In this week’s passage, however, Jesus spends time answering a question from the religious Jewish leaders who were seeking to trap Him.  The question that they bring to Him has do with the subject matter of divorce.  There is much confusion on the subject of divorce in our culture today, mainly because we have moved away from what God’s Word teaches on the subject.  On one side, a growing number of people think that divorce and remarriage is completely fine, and even to be expected - after all, over half of marriages today end in divorce in both the world and within the church.  Then on the other side, there are people who say that divorce and remarriage is never permissible.  In this week’s study, we will be aiming to push aside the extra-biblical reasonings of these two extreme views, and instead, we will be aiming to better understand what God’s Word actually teaches on the subject.

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