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Mark 9:30-41

As Jesus approaches the time of His arrest and crucifixion, the primary focus of His ministry is no longer the crowds, but on his twelve disciples.  After all, they are the men whom He would initially entrust to His mission, to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  There are a number of important lessons that Jesus feels to teach His disciples in preparation for their task ahead.  Last Sunday, the focus of the lesson was the importance of waking by faith.  In this week’s passage, the lesson focuses on the importance of walking in humility.  We see first of all, the example of humility in v30-32, followed by the necessity of humility in v33-41.  As we will see, without humility, unity is destroyed (v34), honour is forfeited (v35), Deity is rejected (v36-37), exclusivity is created (v38-40), and reward is denounced (v41).  As we think about our own walks with Jesus, it’s important that we are reminded once again about the importance of humility as we follow Him.

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