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Mark 9:2-13

As we come to this section of the gospel of Mark, we observe the disciples' experience of the transfiguration of Christ. Jesus has only recently begun to teach His disciples of His impending death, and resurrection - something they are finding hard to comprehend and accept. During this incredible event that takes place, we see Jesus glorified before His disciples, giving them a profound glimpse into His eternal glory as the Son of God. However, there were also lessons to be learned - as the disciples response to this event revealed they still had some unbiblical and unbalanced ideas that needed addressing. In this passage we see one of the most significant times in Scripture, where the Father in heaven, verifies, and affirms the supremacy of His Son, before His disciples. In doing so, they are reminded in an unforgettable way, that "it's all about Jesus" - a fact that is very good for us to be reminded of also

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