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Mark 8:34-9:1

Leading up to this week’s passage, Jesus had just finished explaining to disciples, that the road ahead of Him was not going to be easy. That He would in fact need to suffer many things, be rejected, and then killed. According to the Jewish thinking of that day, this was not what they expected from the Messiah. In their thinking, the coming of the Christ was to be a time of political triumph, and material prosperity. However, in this week’s passage, Jesus takes it a step further.Not only has Jesus communicated that His life would be given up voluntarily to the Father’s will, but He now communicates that this was also required of every person who would follow Him. Contrary to the way that people invite others to follow Christ today, Jesus’ invitation to follow Him, is a call to abandon one’s own life for the sake of pursuing the life that God has for them. The invitation of Jesus is an invitation to respond to Him not only as Saviour, but also, as Lord. In a day and age where there is so much confusion about the required response for salvation, Jesus makes it crystal clear, that part of the response that proceeds salvation, is a heart that surrenders to Him as Lord.

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