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Mark 7:14-23

In our study last week, we saw that Jesus was confronted by a number of Pharisees and scribes who accused His disciples for not following their traditions when it came to ceremonial washings before meals.  We saw that Jesus dealt with this accusation by using Scripture to point out their hypocrisy, along with pointing out how their traditions were actually the cause of people disobeying the basic commands of Scripture.  This week’s passage is basically a continuation from the scene last week, as Jesus explains the truth, that the Pharisee’s traditions were seeking to undermine.  To summarise, Jesus explains that the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart.  It’s not what a person does or does not do outwardly that puts them at odds with God.  But instead, the problem has to do with a heart issue of mankind.  Once we realise this truth, it becomes obvious that going through external, ritualistic routines is not the answer.  But what mankind desperately needs is a heart which has been made new by God Himself.

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