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Mark 7:1-13

Leading up to this week’s passage, we saw how God had begun to soften the hearts of the disciples, so that they could see the truth about Jesus more clearly. We saw that without the inward transforming work of God in their lives, it didn’t matter how many miracles they witnessed, their hearts would have remained spiritually dead. In this week’s passage, this truth is only seen more clearly with the account of the Pharisees and scribes who sought to try and cover up their spiritually dead souls, with a routine of ritualistic works. The passage begins with the interrogation from the Scribes (v1-5), which is followed by the indictment from the Saviour (v6-9), and concludes with the illustration from Scriptures (v10-13). This passage identifies the necessity of Christ’s mission, along with the works of mankind who try to make up for the spiritual void within themselves.

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