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Mark 6:14-29

In this week’s passage, we come to the account where King Herod Antipas hear about the mission and the ministry of Jesus.  What this does to King Herod is that it arouses many haunting memories, because of the way that he had treated John the Baptist, the one whom God had sent to prepare the way for Jesus.  What we’re going to see is that rejecting the mission of Christ carries with it some fairly hefty consequences.  One may try to make out as though everything is ok, but deep down we know that things are not ok.  In this week’s passage, we are given a glimpse into the internal torment and turmoil of one who rejects the mission of the Lord.  We will see this is Herod’s fascination (v14-15), Herod’s fear (v16-20), and Herod’s folly (v21-29).

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