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Mark 4:35-41

The disciples were never short of an adventure during their time with Jesus and in Mark 4: 35-41 we get to read about one of those times! What started out like a simple boat trip, soon became a "seemingly" life-threatening situation. However, Jesus was not stressed, panicked, or worried at all - and because of this, the disciples had no reason to be either. But they were human, just as we are. They had weaknesses, just as we do. Thankfully, even in moments when it seems like there is great reason to fear and lose hope - as long as we look to Christ by faith, we can have confidence that He is in control, and nothing will happen outside of His will. It is difficult to trust Jesus during the storms of life, but it is possible, as we will learn afresh from this text. Because God is sovereign, we are safe.

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