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Mark 2:23-28

Leading up to this week’s passage, we saw that the religious Jewish leaders had taken offense when they observed that Jesus and His disciples did not observe their man-made rituals and traditions. Blinded by self-righteousness and driven by self-display, the Pharisees hurled a critical accusation at Jesus on the subject of fasting. Although Jesus neutralised their accusation from Scripture, while exposing their blindness to God’s plan of redemption, the Pharisees charge Jesus once again in this week’s passage. This time, their indictment has to do with the keeping of the Sabbath. What was given to man by God as a day of rest, worship and devotion to Him, the Pharisees had turned into a day of weighty restriction and regulation. Once again, Jesus dismantles their accusation from Scripture while declaring His deity. In this account, we will see The Sabbath Incident (Mark 2:23), The Scornful Indictment (Mark 2:24), The Scriptural Illustration (Mark 2:25-26), and the Sovereign Interpreter (Mark 2:27-28).

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