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Mark 2:1-12

Having cleansed the man with leprosy at the close of chapter 1, today we’re going to see that another miraculous healing takes place.

This time it’s the healing of a paralytic man. By now, the news about Jesus has spread far and wide. Stakes are high among the religious community who had a growing dislike for Jesus. The house where Jesus was is packed with people. A paralysed man is lowered down before Jesus. What does Jesus do? He deals with the man’s most deepest need first, which is his relationship with God. Jesus then moves onto the physical need, which is so much lesser in comparison. We will be studying this passage by observing those who were involved:

  1. Curious spectators
  2. Crippled sinner
  3. Compassionate Savior
  4. Calloused scribes
  5. Crowd’s surprise.

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