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Mark 1:40-45

This week, as we continue in our study through the gospel of Mark, we come to the account where Jesus cleanses the leper. As we study through what took place, we soon come to realise the great number of similarities with the way that Jesus cleanses people of their sin unto salvation today. We see firstly that we live in a world where people desperately need to be cleansed, whether they know it or not. Secondly, we see that the mission of Jesus is to provide the very cleansing that people need. And thirdly, we see that Jesus commissions those who He cleanses. We will be studying the passage under four main headings:

  1. The Condition Mark 1:40
  2. The Cry Mark 1:40
  3. The Cleansing Mark 1:41-42
  4. The Commission Mark 1:43-45.

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