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Mark 1:16-20

In this week’s passage, we are given the account of when Jesus called the first of His disciples. Interestingly, this comes immediately after Jesus begins His preaching ministry in Galilee, where Jesus proclaimed His message of the kingdom of God.

Here, we now see that Jesus calls people to join Him on His mission of preaching the kingdom. We will be looking at three characteristics of what it means to be called by Jesus:

  1. Jesus calls normal, everyday people.
  2. Jesus qualifies those who He calls.
  3. Jesus becomes paramount to those who respond to His call.

It is important that we grasp these truths as believers. Although the first disciples were called to a specific task, Jesus has called each and every believer to His mission of building His kingdom through the proclamation of the gospel. The question that remains for each one of us is, “are we prepared to respond?”

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