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Zechariah 7-8

Today we are continuing on with our 3rd study in the book of Zechariah. The book of Zechariah, along with Haggai and Malachi are “post-exilic” books, in that they prophesied to God’s people following their return to the land of Israel after 70 years of captivity in Babylon. God had purposed that the Jews return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, but although they began the work, it soon came to a halt after receiving opposition.

However, they ceased the work for approximately 15 years while they built houses, and established day-to-day routines for themselves. The Lord then raised up Haggai to exhort the people to return to rebuilding the temple. Then, about six months later, He raised up Zechariah to encourage the people to continue in the Lord’s work. Having looked at 8 visions which were given to the people to encourage them in their work for the Lord, this coming Sunday, the focus becomes the future of Israel, along with the coming of Christ.

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