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Habakkuk 3

Today we conclude our study of the book of Habakkuk. In this book we have seen the prophet wrestle with some of the big questions of the faith, such as “Why does God permit evil?”, and “Why does God allow His people to suffer at the hands of wicked?”.

The answer to any struggles we may have with issues like this, is always found in acknowledging, and accepting the sovereignty of God. In this last chapter, we see the prophet Habakkuk coming before God in prayer as he does this very thing, In doing so, he gives us a) an example of how we too can endure times of suffering and hardship, and also b) an encouragement in how we can cling to God by faith, even when the outlook in our lives seems hopeless, and extremely difficult to navigate.

The life we live as believers will not always be an easy life, and at times may involve much suffering. However, as Habakkuk reminds us, we can still experience great joy and purpose no matter what our circumstances, because we have a future hope that cannot be taken away.

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