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Habakkuk 1-2

Today we resume our study through the minor prophets and will be taking a look at the book of Habakkuk. This book gives us the opportunity to consider some of the big questions of the faith, namely, “Why does God permit evil?”, and “Why does God allow His people to suffer at the hands of wicked?”.

Fulfilling the true office of a prophet, we see Habakkuk standing in the gap between sinful man, and a holy God, pleading with God, petitioning God, and praising God in His sovereignty. In Habakkuk 1-2 we will study the prophet’s questions and the answers given by the Lord. As we do this, we will see that it is perfectly appropriate to ask God questions, when done with reverence and humility, and in submission to His sovereignty. This is totally different to having the attitude of questioning God, in such a way that suggests we know best. God’s answers to our big questions of the faith may not always be agreeable to us, but they are always perfectly just and good because this is the character of God.


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