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Zephaniah 1-3

The prophet Zephaniah was no ordinary preacher. He was the great-great-grandson of King Hezekiah, one of Judah’s most famous rulers. Zephaniah not only had royal blood in his veins, but more importantly, he had a message of God on his lips. The prophecy of Zephaniah is very heavy on the theme of God’s judgement, which at first seems unusual, because he spoke at the time when King Josiah was reigning. As we know from 2 Kings, King Josiah’s reign brought about a great reformation in the land, pulling down idols, along with judging false priests and prophets. He began to rebuild the temple and led the nation in a celebration of the Passover. By all outward appearances, things were going great. But Zephaniah was given deeper insight to the state of the nation - he saw the hearts of the people, and he knew that their religious zeal was not sincere. Their reforms were shallow - yes, they had removed the idols from their homes, but idols still remained in their hearts. Zephaniah was sent by God to rip down this façade and to expose the true state of the people, while declaring judgement upon the nations.

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