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Nahum 1-3

When Jonah was called by God to preach a message of judgment to Nineveh, the response of this major Assyrian city was nothing short of revival as the people mourned over their sin and repented. Yet, 150 years later, the days of Jonah were long gone, and the Ninevites had returned to their old ways, becoming worse than they were before. Therefore, God raised up the prophet Nahum to declare a message of destruction against Nineveh, and this time, the city would not be spared. Their destruction is decreed in chapter 1, described in chapter 2, and deserved in chapter 3. Nahum’s name means “comfort”, which at first seems like a contradiction, because his prophecy is filled with predictions of fiery judgement from God. But when we understand how cruel and brutal the Ninevites were, in already taking captive the Northern Kingdom of Israel and trying to do the same to the Southern Kingdom of Judah, we understand that this prophecy of Nahum was very much a comfort to God’s people who were petrified of the Assyrians. Yet even in this, we see the character of God shine through in that He did not give the Ninevites what they deserved straight away, but it was 150 years before judgement came, highlighting the truth that God is slow to anger.

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