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Micah 4-7

Last Sunday we looked at chapters 1-3 of Micah and saw the prediction of coming judgment for both Israel and Judah. God is perfectly just and therefore He must punish sin.

However, God is also abundant in love and mercy, and so with the promise of judgment, He always offers the promise of restoration. In chapters 4-7 we see God's promise of a coming kingdom, coming captivities, and a coming King. It is God's heart to restore and heal, but this can only happen when those in bondage to sin, turn from their sin, and place their full trust in God's provision for salvation. This is what the Bible describes as repentance and faith - without which no one can truly be saved. It is tragic to see people destroy their lives, by rejecting God and His Word because it doesn't have to be that way. Read through chapters 4-7 this week, and reflect upon the incredible restoration God has brought into your own life, through the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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