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Micah 1-3

Over the next 2 Sunday's we will be studying the book of Micah. The book of Micah revolves around 2 significant predictions.

Firstly, there is the prediction of judgment towards Israel and Judah. Secondly, we see the prediction of restoration for God's people in the future millennial kingdom. These 2 contrasting prophetic messages from Micah inspire both fear, and hope. As we study the text we are reminded of the importance of fearing God, and making sure we are right with God in all aspects of life. We are also greatly encouraged in the hope we have in God, despite our failings, if we are willing to humble ourselves and yield to Him.

Ultimately, the book ends with a call to trust in the Lord as the only source of salvation and mercy. Micah also features one of the most significant prophecies of the birth of Christ - very relevant at this time of year! If you can, read the entire book ahead of time for context, and then next Sunday we will begin our study in chapters 1-3.

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