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Matthew 9:35-38

We have all seen different books, teachings, and DVDs on the issue of evangelism. But so often in the midst of focusing on methods we miss the example of Jesus. This week we will be looking at how Jesus the Master Evangelist went about His evangelistic ministry. Particular attention will be shown to His compassion and deliberate outreach, and we’ll also look at the issue of social care.

(Josh Williamson is State Director and an evangelist for Open Air Campaigners Ministries in Queensland Australia. As a Pastor and Evangelist, Josh is passionate about seeing people come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Since being converted in 2002, Josh’s drive has been to make known the fame of Christ to as many as would listen. Over the years, the Lord has opened many doors for gospel ministry, with Josh having the privilege of sharing the good news in several countries, and seeing many people come to faith in Christ. Currently, Josh resides in Brisbane with his wife Louise, and their three children, Thomas, Elizabeth and Henry).

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