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Hosea 8-10

Today, we come to our third study in the book of Hosea as we continue our series of teachings through the Minor Prophets. In chapters 1-3, Israel’s unfaithfulness was described. In chapters 4-7, Israel’s sins were denounced. Whereas in chapters 8-10, we’re going to see that Israel’s judgement is determined. When we sin, our salvation is not lost, nor is God’s electing purposes overturned. But what we lose is our joy, power, and usefulness for the Lord’s work, while opening ourselves up to the discipline of God. Hosea could see Assyria coming to punish the nation, delivering it into slavery. He pictures this judgement as the coming of a swift eagle (8:1), the wrath of a whirlwind (8:7), and the burning of a fire (8:14). The nation would be scattered (8:8; 9:17), and they would reap more than they had sown (10:12-15). The principle is the same for Christians today, that we will indeed reap what we have sown (Galatians 6:7-8); but so often, we reap more than what we have sown. When it comes to sin, those few seeds planted multiply into a large harvest of pain, heart-ache, suffering. But thanks be to God for the way that He helps to navigate through those times as we turn back to Him and choose to walk in His ways.

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