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Hosea 4-7

Last Sunday, we began a 4-part study through the book of Hosea as we continue our series of teachings through the Minor Prophets. The book of Hosea is very much an object lesson where Hosea was to play the part of faithful God, while his wife was to play the part of unfaithful Israel. At a time when financial & economic success was on the rise, there was rapid decline in the morality and spirituality of Israel. 

God therefore calls Hosea to not only speak on His behalf, but to demonstrate through his own life what was presently taking place between God and Israel. The love that God had for His unfaithful people would need to be love that Hosea demonstrates to his unfaithful wife. In chapters 4-7 this week, the people’s sin is denounced and God’s chastisement upon Israel is described. Truth, mercy and the knowledge of God were absent within Israel which was evident in the way that they were living (Hosea 4:1-3). In Hosea 7, four word-pictures are given to describe the spiritual condition of  Israel: 1.) a heated oven 2.) an unturned cake 3.) a silly dove 4.) faulty bow. Yet through it all, we see that the correction that God would give them was motivated by the love that He had for them - that God would do what it took to bring His people back into a place of relationship with Him.

***Unfortunately the audio recording of the sermon from Hosea 5.12 through to the end of Hosea 6 was lost due to a technical malfunction.  This break in the recording occurs at 38m and 50s.  The sermon then picks up from Hosea 7:1 after a short silence***

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