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Amos 7-9

Two Sundays ago, we began a 3-part study in the book of Amos as we continue our series through the Minor Prophets. At a time when the Northern Kingdom of Israel was prospering economically, there were some real spiritual problems below the surface. God raises up a prophet whose name was Amos, a sheepbreeder from the Southern Kingdom of Israel, to rip down the façade of false spirituality, and expose the spiritual sickness of the people. But to also warn the people of the danger that lay ahead unless they changed their ways and returned to the Lord. 

Following eight prophecies of judgement given in chapters 1-2, and three sermons of judgement in chapters 3-6, we will finish the book of Amos this coming Sunday with five visions of judgement in chapters 7-9. Not only is God a just Judge (which was brought out in last week’s passage), but He also executes the just penalty so that justice is achieved. It truly is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God for those who are on the wrong side of Him.

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