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Amos 1-2

We are starting a 3-part study in the book of Amos today as we continue our series through the Minor Prophets.

At a time when the Northern Kingdom of Israel was prospering economically, there were some real spiritual problems below the surface. God raises up a prophet whose name was Amos, a sheep breeder from the Southern Kingdom of Israel, to rip down the façade of false spirituality, and expose the spiritual sickness of the people. But to also warn the people of the danger that lay ahead unless they changed their ways and returned to the Lord. In Amos 1-2, eight prophecies of judgment are given: six relate to the surrounding pagan nations; one relates to Judah; and finally, one relates to Israel. While Israel felt secure in the fact that their nation had been chosen by God, the prophecy of Amos shows that there is no partiality with God when it comes to sin. God is holy, sin is serious, and there are real consequences for turning away from the Lord.

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