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Jonah 3-4

In this second half of the book of Jonah, we get to see how God can still use us even when we have resisted His will and attempted to have our way instead of His. The key to this restoration is repentance. Because God loves us so much, He will use whatever He needs to, to get us back on track, and to keep us there. God knows what it takes to turn our hearts, and His motive is always love. As Jonah realises that you can't hide from God, He eventually surrenders to God's plan for his life. The fact is, it always makes sense to choose God's ways above our own - even when it doesn't make sense, or goes against our feelings and emotions. Despite his reluctance, God uses Jonah to bring about one of the biggest revivals in history, and through this Jonah learns a powerful lesson about the love and mercy of God.

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