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Joel 2:28-3:21

Today, we are continuing with our series of studies through the Minor Prophets, looking specifically at the second half of the book of Joel. As we identified in our first study, the main theme of this book is “The Day of the Lord” - specific times when God directly intervenes in the affairs of men, either for judgment and/or for blessing. 

In Joel’s prophecy from God, he speaks about the Day of the Lord in a 3-fold kind of way. In chapter 1, he talks about “The Immediate Day of the Lord” - the plague of locusts that had completely devoured the land of Judah at that time. Then in Joel 2:1-27, Joel talks about “The Imminent Day of the Lord” - similar to the locusts, the Assyrian army would soon come to wipe them out, unless they would turn to the Lord in sincere repentance. Whereas this coming Sunday, in Joel 2:28-3:31, Joel speaks about “The Ultimate Day of the Lord” - a time that is future for both the Israelites and for us today; a period which is preceded by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. But then beyond that, a specific period of time when God’s judgment is poured out through the Tribulation period, followed by God’s blessing being poured out in establishing His Kingdom.

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