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Last Sunday, we finished up with our series of studies through the book of Hebrews, which means that we are beginning a new teaching series, which happens to be a series through the Minor Prophets. The Minor Prophets are one of the most neglected and least understood sections of the Bible. Trying to pronounce the names of these books can be hard enough, let alone trying to actually understand the content of each book. 


Yet as we examine these books in more detail, we find that things are not that much different today as they were back then. As one Bible teacher put it, “Many chapters deal with sin, warning, and judgement, but they do so because that is the very setting of God’s good news of redemption. There is a positive, bright message in every book of “The Twelve”, the uncontainable love of God in sinful men; the perseverance and pursuits of His grace; His mercies that follow the exiled and the outcast; His truth that goes forth richly upon the heathen; the hope of the Saviour of mankind; the outpouring of the Spirit; counsels of patience; impulses of tenderness and of healing.” The first study in this series is going to be an introduction to the Minor Prophets which will help us to better understand the broader context in which the prophets spoke.

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