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Hebrews 12:1-4

Having spent the past four studies in Hebrews chapter 11, pointing out certain Old Testament men and woman who lived by faith, the writer to the Hebrews now applies their lessons of faith to our own lives as we transition into chapter 12. 

In this week’s passage, the writer to the Hebrews likens our Christian lives to that of a race.  There are others who are also in the race, and we are surrounded by the men and woman who have previously run the race before us. The main thrust of the exhortation has to do with endurance throughout the Christian life with unhindered progress. This of course requires us to identify and lay aside those hindrances (“weights” and “sin”), while looking to Jesus who is at the starting line, the finishing line, and each step of the way in between those points. 

As we find it difficult to endure in the Christian life, the writer encourages us to “consider Jesus” in order to gain strength for our walks of faith.

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