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Today we will be taking a break from our Hebrews study to look at the subject of conversion, personal experience, and God's grace. We all come from different backgrounds, and each have very different experiences of how we were converted. This is a beautiful example of God's grace reaching into many lives - something we should be thankful for. 

However, it's important for us as believers to take great care that our conversion "experience" doesn't become our conversion "message". God's grace may have been at work in a significant way when we got saved - meaning that the specifics of our salvation - are not to be the standard or method by which we communicate the gospel to others. For example, we may have been saved praying a "sinner's prayer", but it wasn't the prayer that saved us, it was the gospel. We may have been saved through a specific ministry, but it wasn't the ministry, it was the gospel that saved us. 

We will be looking together at several other examples, as we fine tune our gospel clarity from the Scriptures, so we can be more effective in reaching the lost.

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