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Hebrews 9:15-28

In our passage this week, the writer to the Hebrews is continuing his thought from previous chapters as he makes a comparison between what the Old Covenant and New Covenant have in common. 

Both Old and New Covenants have a high priest, a blood sacrifice that’s required for sin, and a sanctuary (a designated place where that sin sacrifice is offered up to God the Father in His very presence). In chapter 7, the author emphasised how Jesus is a far superior High Priest. In last Sunday’s passage, the author emphasised that the sanctuary of the New Covenant (heaven) is far superior than that of the Old Covenant (the tabernacle). Whereas in this week’s passage, the writer is emphasising the superiority of Christ’s sacrifice for sin, compared to the Old Testament sacrifice of animals. In this passage, we are given the reasons for why death was needed before the New Covenant could become effective; why the shedding of blood is the necessary payment for sin; and what the perfect sacrifice of Jesus now means for us today.

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