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Matthew 5:27-30

Today, we will be taking a break from our verse-by-verse study through the book of Hebrews in order to address a specific subject that we feel is necessary to give our attention to. It’s a subject matter that has to do with a plague which is destroying individuals, destroying marriages and families, along with tarnishing the purity of the body of Christ. What is this subject matter that is leading such serious and catastrophic consequences? It’s the subject of pornography. 

In this sermon, we will begin by addressing concerns that parents may have about this subject being talked about in a family-integrated setting, followed by what God’s Word has to say about the subject. From there, we will be looking at some statistics, along with what effect pornography has on a person mentally, and how this is effecting the next generation of young men in the way that they think about woman. We’ll be addressing what effect pornography has on a marriage, while specifically addressing both men & woman. From there, we will look at what response we must take in regard to pornography, putting preventative measures in place, while giving pointers in discipleship our children and in pursuing restoration. Finally, we will end on the greatest motivation for protecting the purity of the church, which is ultimately the glory of God.

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