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Hebrews 6:4-9

In last Sunday’s passage, the author felt to pause in his line of thinking about the High Priestly role of Jesus, because he realised that there was something not right in the hearts and minds of those he was writing to. Those he was writing to had become “dull of hearing”, and as a result, their spiritual progress was being stunted. 

One of the reasons that they were not making spiritual progress is because they had retreated back into the inoffensive ground of Judaism, instead of pressing forward in the areas that are distinctively Christian (Hebrews 6:1-2). The author’s encouragement to his readers was for them to press on to spiritual maturity in Christ, which is the same theme that he is continuing with this coming week. In speaking to the Jewish Christians who were being tempted to retreat back to the old Jewish way dealing with their sin, the author warns them that it is impossible to be renewed apart from coming to Jesus with their repentance. That although Christianity and Judaism share some things in common, they shouldn’t think for one moment that those similarities are enough if they left Jesus out of the picture. 

The main thought in the author’s mind is that Jesus is the only way.

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