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Hebrews 4:14-5:11

Having spent time looking at the rest we can find in Christ, because of His finished work - we now look to Christ's role as High Priest. The term "priest", and especially High Priest often brings to mind a person who is aloof, religious, and very formal. 

Contrary to this idea, the role that Jesus undertakes as High Priest, is one of much compassion, mercy, and grace. In fact, it is Christ's role as High Priest that allows us to experience the blessing of drawing near to God, finding Him to be completely approachable through Christ. 

To help with the context and background of this passage, we will also be taking some time to look at what the Old Testament teaches us about the role of the High Priest. The Hebrew believers reading this letter for the first time, had an in depth understanding of the priesthood, and so the author relies upon this to present his case that Jesus is in fact, greater, than anything they have experienced before. Understanding Christ's role as High Priest, will help us have a great depth of knowledge and appreciation for what He has accomplished for us through His sufferings and as a result, will hopefully increase our love for our great Saviour.

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