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Hebrews 4:12-13

Leading up to this week’s passage, the writer of Hebrews has been reasoning with his readers about the importance of entering into the rest that was available to them in Christ. He urges them to not fall short in entering into that rest like the Israelites because of their disobedience and unbelief. Yet in this week’s passage, the writer decides to make a shift in his thought from talking about God’s rest for us, to now talking about the active power and effect of God’s Word. Why does he make this shift? Well, as we look at writer’s reasoning leading up to this point, it’s very clear to see that it is bathed in Scripture. And as a result, there would likely be those who would precisely see the error of their ways. But just so that no one would get the impression that the writer was a mind-reader, or the source of knowledge & revelation, the author takes a moment to explain how this deep change in their thinking would come about, pointing to the power and the nature of the Word of God. The Word of God pointing them to the Person of the Son of God, our Great High Priest.

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