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Ezekiel 36:16-32

Last week, we began a 3-week break from our study through the book of Hebrews in order to pay special attention to the doctrine of the local church along church membership, while finishing with the vision & direction for our fellowship in the year ahead. 

In last week's study, we identified that believers need to change their attitude about “dating the church” and to become committed members of the local church, simply because God’s Word teaches that this is important. We identified that although membership is not biblically command, it is biblically implied, pointing to the fact that there are things that are not explicitly spelled out in Scripture that are still part of the design of God. 

So last week, we talked about the need to be committed, whereas today, we’re going to be looking at what we are to commit ourselves to. 

What is the local church, and why it is important? It is essential that we have a biblical framework when thinking about what the local church is. Just because a group of people begin gathering together and call themselves a church, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a church unless their beliefs, structure, purpose and function line up with what Scripture teaches. In this study, we will be defining what the local church is, the purpose of the church, along with essential elements of a Biblically functioning church.

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